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Comprehensive approach 全面教學 

I wish my students can play the piano well, to enjoy music and to enrich their live through appreciate music. Students develop enjoyment by understanding music, playing variety of music and most importantly receiving correct instructions from the teacher. I hope my enthusiasm and knowledge in music and piano performance can educate and inspire my students with solid technique, music literacy, performance artistry and understanding in music theory and music history. 


希望透過一套全面而靈活的教學方式, 啓發學生對音樂的興趣, 訓練他們擁有鞏固的彈奏技巧。 因材施教, 啟發他們的潛能。 並希望透過本人對音樂與教學的熱情帶領他們感受音樂, 理解音樂, 令音樂成為他們的終生伴侶, 豐富人生。

包括樂理知識,  技巧訓練,  音樂詞彙,  演奏風格,  樂曲分析, 作曲家背景,  音色處理, 姿勢台型,  視譜及聽力訓練,  正確的手形及姿勢。





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